Friday, 13 March 2009

Crossing over

Crossing over is a song by Damita Haddon which i listened to recently and it ministered to me.Here is a snippet of the lyrics:

I never would have thought in a million years
Today would be the day that I would face my fears
I be looking down the corridors of a dark hall
Wondering how I lost it all
Done my back up against the wall

I can feel the air and it’s getting thin
And my eyes are getting dim
Find myself struggling to save my life
It’s too late ‘cause I see the light
I don’t have the strength anymore to fight

Even though I resurrect up on my feet
Everyday I’m dying so willingly
The more I learn to give up my selfish ways
Gotta get back to you the great
Serve you for the rest of my days

“Crossing Over” tells of a life in turmoil that has reached a breaking point and has no other choice but to surrender to God. Sometimes, we just struggle and struggle and keep struggling with life until we can fight no more. But why should it be that way when we can let go and let GOD!

We gotta get Back to God- the Great one, The Almighty, bearing in mind that to HIM are struggles are tiny and appear so insignificant before HIM.
Why be on the side battling with life, when you can be on the side where you sit and watch Him battle for you?

My message to you today is this: Cross over to the side of Jehovah!

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.-Matthew 11.28"

The Lord is good all the time!

Monday, 2 March 2009


Far out in the Desert, high on a mountain peak...Alone in the desolate countryside.
Only in places like these can we sense the impct of a single star.
The brightest star aside our Sun is Sirius which is estimated to be 8.6 light-years from earth.

Amid the clutter of artificial hlow, Sirius is only dimly visible.Yet even though it is billions of miles away, it can penetrate darkness when seen against a purely black sky.
Then, add other stars. One by one, the impact accumulates and the light in the sky beocmes brighter. We are able to see clearly.

Light has an amazing impact. Light changes everything- our emotions, attitudes, the atmosphere, our perceptions andhow we view the world and events. When we are surrounded by light, we see more clearly and make better decisions.

But the absence of light- darkness- has the opposite effect. Darkness hided things. It blinds us!
It creates the illusion that our actions are invisible and that no one is watching. In darkness, we're more susceptible to temptation and it's harder to find our way.

Without Christ, we are all in spiritual darkness. but God has called His people out of darkness and into His marvelous light..We are called to shine that light and be a blessing for others.
Remember that you are the light of the world. People around you are living in darkness but you have what you need.

Let your light shine.
Join other believers to fulfill the Great Commission and beam light even more brightly to impact lives for Christ!

The Lord is good all the time!